Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom

Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom
Scottsdale, Arizona

While on a recent business trip to the Scottsdale AZ-area, we visited classic car auction giant Barrett-Jackson’s collector car showroom. Located at 3020 N. Scottsdale Road, it couldn’t be in a higher-profile location. I must admit, before arriving, I was expecting a warehouse full of cars that didn’t sell in Barrett-Jackson’s recent big 5-day sale at Auction Week in January. But, instead I found a neat, fairly small showroom with a very eclectic inventory of hand-selected, very special cars. Each was well-presented and impeccably detailed in their sparkling showroom.

Again, my first thought upon hearing about this place was that it was where the overflow from their auctions got stored, awaiting the next auction, that could be bought in the meantime. But Manager Bo Bell explained that Barrett-Jackson actually buys a very select few cars. The original classics are treated to whatever resto or freshening they need, at the hands of B-J’s able in-house crew, or in the case of a custom, they work their magic while adding their ‘brand’. The Hot Rod Truck below is an example of that.

ABOVE: Right out front-and-center on Scottsdale Road was this dropped ’56 Chevy 2-door wagon.
BELOW: 1993 SVT Cobra Mustang, the last year for the Fox Body.

ABOVE: 2018 Shelby GT350R. Check out those super-light carbon fiber wheels.
BELOW: Gorgeous 1970 Plymouth Cuda has a 440 Magnum and factory air.

ABOVE: 1965 Shelby Continuation Cobra.
BELOW: 1967 Ford Mustang GT with 390 S-code 4-speed.

ABOVE: They called it the Hot Rod Truck, and it exemplifies what Bo was talking about. Barrett-Jackson has clearly imprinted its brand on this truck.
BELOW: Check out the detailing of not just the LS engine, but the front suspension and everything else. Note that much of it is engraved with Barrett-Jackson’s logo, further personalizing and branding this very unique vehicle. Well done, and not overdone.

ABOVE: The Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom can custom build a Hot Rod Truck just for you, and just to your specifications.
BELOW: This Dart all-aluminum 427ci Windsor with Hilborn fuel injection sits under the hood of a drop-dead gorgeous custom ’34 Ford Roadster, another recipient of Barrett-Jackson’s magic touch.

The Barrett-Jackson Collection Showroom also sells branded merchandise, like T-shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets and more. It’s all nicely displayed and fun to peruse. You can’t leave without buying a T-shirt or two.