Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346 (1952-58)

Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire 346 (1952-58)

The Car

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The Specs

Below are the technical specifications and any performance numbers we could get.


Bore & Stroke 90mm x 90mm
Firing order 1,5,3,6,2,4
Oil pressure (hot) 40 lb./sq. in.

Fuel Supply

Carburetor Stromberg DI 36
Choke Venturi
Metering 0.060″ Note:Twin carbs, setting as single except as single except metering jet, 0.058″
When oil bath air cleaner is fitted to single-carb, cars, metering jet is 0.057″
Main Dis. Jet L 2111
Idle Dis. Top 0.060
Idle Dis. Bottom 0.068
High-speed bleed 0.068
Idle tube bottom 0.068
Idle tube top 0.075
Pump Dis. Jet 0.070


Intake tappet clearance
0.006″ (hot)
Exhaust tappet clearance
0.006″ (hot)
Valve-timing indication Camshaft and crankshaft chain sprockets
Intake valve opens 8° BTDC Rockers at 0.016″ (cold)


Breaker gap 0.014″ – 0.016″
Plug gap 0.028″ – 0.033″
Ignition timing indication Marks on flywheel and fan pulley
Ignition timing


Clutch type Single Dry Plate
(Automatic gearbox, fluid coupling)
Clutch linings


Brake type
Girling hydraulic
(With Vac-Hydro unit after chassis 343751)
Brake linings
2LS (front)

Wheel Alignment

Toe-In 316
Camber 2° straight ahead
Caster angle Laden 1° straight ahead
King pin angle 5.5° straight ahead