6.2L Supercharged OHV V8 Engine Guide: Specs, Performance, & More

Engines have defined automobiles for almost 100 years. They can be amazing engines like that of the Chrysler 426 Hemi and Ford’s Boss 302ci, and also horrible engines like that of the Cadillac Northstar and almost anything under a Saturns’ hood.

In Chrysler’s case, there have been numerous engines that you could cheer about but the latest V8 is one truly for the ages. The “Hellcat” motor.

What Is It?

Dodge Challenger Hellcat motor
Photo Source: onallcylinders.com

This 6.2 Liter engine is one that Chrysler cooked up to smoke everything else out there. They had already made a name in speed with the SRT8 models and eventually with the Scat Pack V8s, but this is a monster on a whole other level. We are talking scary amounts of power.

The “Hellcat”, named after a famous WWII airplane, was an engine developed to take the Challenger to the next level of performance. In reality, it was to thwart the Mustang becoming the ¼mile king. It did. With a ludicrous 707hp, the Hellcat not only became the most powerful engine Chrysler ever produced but also gave the Challenger enough grunt to claim “quickest American production car”.

What Makes It Tick?

Dodge Hellcat engine - exploded
Photo Source: dodgeforum.com

The big V8 is a supercharged version of the standard Hemi engine. With a bore from the 6.4 Liter and a stroke of the 5.7, the 6.2 has 6166cc of displacement. The supercharger is an IHI twin-screw supercharger (the same company that made the Ferrari 288 GTO scream) with an astounding 11.6psi of boost. With the above, the 370ci V8 boasts the power and torque enough to liquefy any tire on the market.

Speed Thy Name

What does this level of power get the Dodge buyer? Well, under the hood of a Hellcat Challenger or Charger, the 707hp makes for some hellish numbers indeed. Early tests had the Challenger running the quarter in 11.7 at 126mph. This was run at “off-the-shelf” tire pressures and on Car&Driver’s pavement. Dodge claimed 11.2 on a ¼ track and then later produced a 10.8 @ 133mph. Look at your hand… that is the number of cars that might be faster and none of them have a price tag under $100,000.

On top of this, the Challenger has a top speed of 199mph. Why not 200? Well, who knows why Dodge stopped short, but suffice to say, there is also very little on the road faster and certainly nothing in the $70k Challenger price range.

Dodge Challenger Demon
Photo Source: bringatrailer.com

Not to rest on 707 laurels, the Dodge boys decided to make an even more devilish version of the Hellcat. The Dodge Demon was created using a larger supercharger and some extra reinforcements. This Hellcat engine was now producing 808hp – 840hp on super high octane. With the right pedal work, we’re now talking high nine-second passes in a 4000lb, 4-passenger sports coupe.

Hellcats For Everyone!

The next uses? Well, that becomes even crazier. The Challenger was the first stop – with the Charger getting the juice soon after. The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk then received the treatment to fight SUVs from Mercedes and Porsche making it one of the fastest SUVs ever. In fact, it was in US News’s top 12 fastest of 2021.

Still not enough? Ok. Dodge has now made a Dodge Ram 1500 that includes the Hellcat motor (downgraded to a mere 702hp) called the TRX. This terrifying truck is fast enough to be hailed as the fastest production pickup truck ever produced. 0-60 in under 4 seconds and the ¼mile around 110mph. Yeah, that fast.

Sorry, but your friend’s Raptor is just an ugly lizard at this point.

With the addition of the Durango for 2021, every Dodge product will be able to have the Hellcat treatment. To put that in perspective it would be like the Ford Fusion getting the GT-500’s 662hp V8. Every car company should be so rev-happy.

Future Thoughts?

This engine isn’t going anywhere. With the new Durango getting the treatment and the other Hellcat vehicles selling well, there is no need for it to move on. Add to that 1000hp versions by Hennessey and dozens of modders slapping them into everything short of a lorry and they seem to be here to stay.