57 Chevy Bel Air 2-Door Hardtop | Sport Coupe


Fan submission from Barry Conrad. Here is Barry’s story of this awesome car restoration.
It had nice older 5 spoke Mag’s and I gave it a Fresh Paint job in 1983 of the same color. I drove the car for 11 years before attempting to do a total ground up restoration. At first it was a disappointment because none of my friends were willing to help as they had no interest in my car. I put the project on hold for a few years and restored a couple of Impala’s! Finally the day came and I started on the ’57 again.


I was able to get some help from some Seasoned mechanic’s who owned similar cars. They gave me an education, and I did the work myself. It was very rewarding to do the work myself. Now, I think I could put a 57 Chevy together in my sleep.

The 57 Chevy Bel Air 2-Door Hardtop Sport Coupe that you see here is Black Base Clear with Red/Black Interior.


The interior is original material and the door panel’s were bought new and assembled. The dash and engine have been painted black. All the interior trim that was FACTORY Red has been chromed to match the rest of the stainless around the headliner.


The Dash has a custom polished aluminum insert and polished aluminum face plates on the speedometer, oil, and temp gauges. It has a chrome Ididit tilt wheel column and some Lokar components such as the foot pedals and cable driving carb and trans assemblies. All the fasteners are stainless, and it has a 6 speaker Alpine stereo system and SUB. Kick panel speakers are molded ABS poly and the dash door and ashtray are chromed too. All fuel and brake lines are pre bent stainless and everything for this ride was bought new.


The glass is all new Grey Smoke.


It comes with a completely dressed engine compartment and a New American Auto Wire Complete wiring kit. The Engine /tran’s is a 283/ 300hp/400T,w/sockk/3:55 rear alluminum Drive shaft and polished stainless exhaust from Ceramic Headers Back.


The wheels are American Racing. Torque Trust D’s/w 225/60/15’s Good Year Eagle’s. All emblem’s were replaced both inside and out,and the hood supports and braces were all chromed also.

The 3rd brake light in the GOLD”V” on the truck lid and all the lenses have Chevy bow ties.



7 thoughts on “57 Chevy Bel Air 2-Door Hardtop | Sport Coupe”

  1. Dude,

    That is one sweet ride. 57 is my favorite year for the bel air. Had one just like this years ago. And I do mean “years”. I was 18 or 19 when I owned it and I’m 55 almost 56 now.

    One can see you spent some pains-taking hours on this sweetie. You should be proud of this ride and I sure you are. My hats off to you.

  2. Very sweet. i personally think the 57 Chevy was the most beautiful car ever built. You did an awesome job. Enjoy Bro

  3. This is My Dream Car…i’ve always wanted one……I Hope to do the Very samething you’ve done with this one,,, One day Very Soon…..Thank You Very Much for sharing ..it Gives me hope…for myself..!

  4. I love the old classic cars, and I have owned a lot of them over the years, 46 Ford , 55 Chevy, 56 Chevy , 59 GMC truck, 64 Elcamino , 66 Chevelle , just a few.

  5. Iam looking for MYold black with flames 57 It was a show kar until the wrong i bought it.He damn near destroyed it Bick grille chevelle mid 60s 4- speed 327. Ia still lokking for this kar . It was traded for “asphalt” equipment/ If i may ask? Where did your 57 come from,mine left back in the late 70s thanks for anything btw one Bad 57 my friend bob s

  6. Nice job Barry, I know your car along time man…actually even before you owned it. I almost bought it myself in 1981…I enjoyed meeting up with you & getting to go to afew shows together, hope to do more….Leo

  7. Question PLEASE Very important to me. btw very nice 57-Did your 57 come with fuely flags and no fuel injection on the car?Where did you find this 57?I have been looking for one i sold in the late 70s early 80s In Michigan- If you see this post am i close on what i am thinking.If not its a beautiful 57- mine had flames and buckets in red velour and pleats in same color vinyl just like to know where she is.thanks much

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