2015 Dodge Challenger Guide: Specs, Performance & More

Everything 2015 Challenger: Specifications, Production Numbers, Color Codes, Model History, & More

2015 was not a year for complacency for Dodge. The Challenger was facelifted, had its interior renovated, and added an engine that would warp automotive norms from hereafter.

2015 vs 2014 Dodge Challenger front grille
Photo Source: nocarnofun & cdn.shopify.com

Not what you’d call a major restyle, the 2015 Challenger’s front was shaped slightly thinner and given a new grille that was reminiscent of the 1971 Challenger’s look. It is a bit of glossing rather than a re-working which may have driven off potential customers. Still, the change were welcomed after some 7 years of hand-sitting.

2015 vs 2014 Dodge Challenger rear taillights
Photo Source: Motor Trend & automotiveaddicts

The rear facia received the most attention from the facelifting (the wrong end, I know) and it makes the 2015 model more recognizable in the real world from previous years. Slightly less wide, the lights have been separated and given a thicker look. The Batman-esque mask look around the lights accents the change even further and gives the rear a bit of aggression that the previous years were lacking.

Further than that, the backup lights are now integrated inside the taillights; the rear bumper has a less sparse look; the exhaust tips are more futuristic, and even the rear wing is a bit more elaborate. It ends up still looking very much the Challenger that the country fell in love with, but it is a design change that was desperately needed – as Ford’s 2015 Mustang just received its new fantastic wardrobe.

Model 2015 Dodge Challenger
Type 2-Door
Names & Trims SXT (Plus), R/T (Shaker,Plus,Classic,Shaker,Scat Pack), 392 (Scat Pack,SRT 392), SRT Hellcat
Engines 3.6Liter SOHC V6, 5.7Liter OHV V8,6.4Liter OHV V8, 6.2Liter Supercharged OHV V8
Price range $27,000-$64,500

2015 Dodge Challenger Models

Challenger SXT, Plus

2015 Dodge Challenger SXT
Photo Source: atlantaautos.com

Still at the bottom of the food chain and still hopelessly underpowered, the SXT and SXT Plus got enough add-ons to make it a stellar-looking sports coupe. The $27k price tag was getting further away from the “impulse purchase” venue, but it was a cheaper alternative for the buyer who wanted to be noticed.

New for 2015 is an 8-speed automatic. With the new gearing, the Challenger V6 is a bit more lively even if no more grunted. Acceleration increased, but not yet to dizzying heights.

Plus versions got the “fancy” treatment and received things like larger rims, backup camera, heated steering wheel, and much more. It didn’t change the lackluster feel from the Pentastar V6’s 305hp, but it sure did help make a visual statement.

Challenger R/T, Shaker, Scat Pack

2015 Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack Shaker
Photo Source: nydailynews.com

The R/T variety is the most changed and elaborate for 2015. The base R/T is still infused with the 375hp V8 and the mountain of add-ons. It also retains the super-low $30k starting price tag. From there you can opt for packages that include the Shaker, Plus, Classic, and Scat Pack. The Plus, Shaker, and Classic are variations of the previous year’s packaged options and keep the customer deep in the choices pool.

Where things get really interesting is the new Scat Pack version of the R/T. Basically, a cheaper, re-tagged 392, this gnarliest of the R/Ts gets the full 485hp treatment. Starting around $38,000, this monster gave startling amounts of performance for half the price of the competition. That and those dynamic good looks too? Sign me up.

Challenger 392, SRT 392

2015 Dodge Challenger 392
Photo Source: Hotrod.com

The SRT392 loses the SRT-8 moniker and gains the title of “more-pricey”. With the R/T Scat Pack running with the same engine, the SRT392 is now more for the opulent versus just the high-end performance option and, with the next model, it isn’t at the high-end either.

That said, the 392 keeps the 485hp V8 (up from last year’s 470) and adds a lot of options to the scat pack’s shortlist of amenities. Whether it is the Shaker package or SRT 392, the list of extras is arms-length. From gloss black grille, Shaker hood scoop, and power tilt wheel, to Brembo Red 6-piston calipers, SRT gauges, and P275/40ZR20 Pirelli tires, the SRT takes the R/T and just adds more.

SRT Hellcat

2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat
Photo Source: vanguardmotorsales.com

A Hellcat is defined as a spiteful, violent woman by Oxford Dictionaries. For Merriam-Webster, it is a violently temperamental person, especially an ill-tempered woman. This lady of a vehicle is both ill-tempered and violent. Welcome the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat.

Not content with the 470hp V8 in the SRT 392, and not happy with the 2014 Mustang GT500’s 662hp, Dodge decided to unleash a ridiculous 707hp supercharged V8. This engine was astounding and gave the Challenger more oomph than it ever had. No Challenger has ever had this much power from the showroom and, with that, made the Challenger Hellcat the quickest American production car for 2015.

Beyond the presence that the Hellcat exuded, the car was also full of options and comforts. What other car comes with two keys for the ignition? The black key restricted the engine to a mere 500hp. Use the other and you have 707hp-worth of warp-drive at your command.

How much though??

Would you believe $70,000 for a car with 707 horsepower? It was just a few years back that a Ford GT had 550 horsepower. $149,000. The 2013 Corvette ZR-1 had 638hp. $110,000. This was hero power in the hands of non-race-bred, normal, everyday people. Granted, anything but a straight line is a farce, but this is the new king of the 1320.

2015 Challenger Quick Specifications

Challenger SXT Challenger R/T Challenger Scat Pack & 392 Challenger Hellcat
Engine 3.6L V6 5.7L V8 6.4L V8 6.2L SC V8
Horsepower 305 375 485 707
Torque 268 401 475 650
MPG Cty/Hwy 19/29 16/25 14/23 13/22
Transmission 8-Speed Auto 6-Speed Manual 6-Speed Manual 8-Speed Automatic
Weight lbs.
3819 4040 4140 4440
0-60 mph
6.4 5.5 4.8 3.7
0-¼ mile 14.8 @ 95 mph 13.5 @ 105 mph 12.7 @ 113 mph 11.6 @ 126 mph*
MSRP $27,000 $31,995 $37,995 – $45,500 $64,500

*11.2 w/ street drag tires, 10.7 Euro version.

There is a LOT to unpack above. The first thing of note is that the Scat Pack, its new launch system, and extra horsepower throw the mid-level Challenger into the 12s for the first time in the quarter. I’m sure someone with extra sticky tires and no spare tire has gotten a 2014 R/T to run 12.99, but this is well into the 12s straight from the showroom. That is really moving… until its ugly stepchild arrives.

The Hellcat has many tests out there and they range from bare-bones on the ¼ track with super sticky tires to basic stock tires and on normal pavement. The times are all over the place and I’ve heard everything from somewhere in the 11s, to “it’ll run 9s all day long”. Most auto mags place it in the mid-11-second range and very low 11-second range with the slick tires. Either way you slice it, it is an amazement of speed and one that makes every Ferrari and Corvette blush.

A 199 mph top speed wasn’t fluff either.

2015 Dodge Challenger Interior

2015 Dodge Challenger interior
Photo Source: atlantaautos.com

Like night and day. The 2015 Challenger had an interior renovation that gives the same 1971 styling cues that the exterior enjoyed. The dash is shaped more retro and overall, the design looks like there was more thought put into it. Like the previous year, however, there are still 8 different interior combinations for a dozen different packages. This would also be the most tech-heavy set of options since the Challenger’s 2008 model.

2015 Dodge Challenger Wheels

2015 Dodge Challenger rim choices
Photo Source: Dodge.com

As you can see from the pic, the Challenger still had quite a set of rims to choose from for 2015 and still included a solitary 18″ rim. Hellcat rims were aggressive, but not otherworldly compared to the standard performance rims.

I’m sure you could buy an aftermarket rim if not happy with the above, but I cannot imagine the need. These are a nice set of rims to choose from. My pick would be the Brass Monkey 20″ aluminum.

2015 Dodge Challenger Colors

2015 Dodge Challenger color choices
Photo Source: Dodge.com

Bout time they put the colors on the cars!

Once again Dodge scraps the orange and purple for the Sublime Green and the B5 Blue Pearl. There is still a missed opportunity leaving orange, yellow, fuchsia, and other vibrant colors off the palate, but I guess Dodge knows best. For me, there are too many colors that would look amazing on this car, and only having a dozen is disappointing.

2015 Dodge Challenger Option Packages

Sound Group:

276-watt amplifier and 6 Boston Acoustics speakers

Sound Group II:

9 premium speakers with subwoofer and 506-watt amplifier.

Premium Sound Group:

900-watt amplifier, 18 Harmon Kardon speakers, and tire service kit (replaces spare).

Super Sport Group SS/T:

20 x 8.0 satin carbon aluminum wheels, 245/45R20 all-season performance tires, 3.07 rear axle ratio, compact spare tire, decklid spoiler, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters (SXT)

Super Track Pak:

Includes 20-inch Hyper Black aluminum wheels, antilock 4-wheel high-performance disc brakes, 3.07 or 3.90 rear axle ratio depending on engine, rear body-color spoiler, performance steering, performance suspension with Billstein shocks, steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters (auto trans), ParkView rear backup camera and ParkSense rear parking assist (SXT, SXT Plus, R/T and R/T Plus).

Scat Pack Appearance Group:

Includes 20X9 inch Matte Black lightweight forged aluminum wheels, Scat Pack Bumblebee tail stripe, HID headlamps, Hectic Mesh interior accents, Performance cloth seats w/Scat Pack logo, Scat Pack floormats, Black grille, leather-wrapped performance steering wheel, Black fuel filler door, Scat Pack gauge cluster splash screen, and 506-watt Alpine Audio System with premium speakers w/subwoofer.

Driver Convenience Group:

Fold-away mirrors, high-intensity discharge headlamps, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-path detection, remote start, ParkSense Rear Park Assist, Universal Garage Door Opener (SXT, SXT Plus, R/T, R/T Plus & Scat Pack)

Cold Weather Group:

Includes heated front seats, heated steering wheels, and 180-amp alternator.

Leather Interior Group:

Includes leather/suede performance seats, heated and ventilated front seats, heated steering wheel, power tilt and telescoping steering column, and Satin Silver & Hectic Mesh bezels (R/T, Scat Pack).

2015 Dodge Challenger Production Figures

2015’s changes added up to a 22% increase in sales from 2014. Better than that figure, the Challenger is almost selling 70,000 vehicles a year. That’s a far cry from the meager 17k sold in 2008. It looked like the beasty would around for the duration… and that’s a good thing!

2015 Dodge Challenger

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