1993 Ford Mustang

1993 Ford Mustang LX Hardtop

1993 was the last year of the Fox-body Mustang, so-called because it shared its (code named) Fox platform with the humber Ford Fairmont compact sedan. The Fox-bodies are the third generation of Mustangs, the first being 1965-1973, the second being the dreaded Mustang IIs from 1974-1978. But in 1979 Ford launched the 3rd-generation of its iconic Pony Car to rave reviews and much hopeful optimism on the part of Mustang fans and enthusiasts all over the world. It took awhile for the Mustang go get its performance mojo back, but by about 1985 things started to improve, with the addition of potent 5.0 small block V8s and handling to match. In 1987, the entire Mustang line received a mid-cycle refresh in the form of new front and rear facias that gave it a much more modern, aerodynamic look, while also making it look more muscular. It was an instant hit, and the “5.0 Mustang” became a big part of the 1980s performance scene. But the real sales weren’t in fire-breathing V8-powered GTs. That might get them in the showroom, but most Mustang buyers left with an LX model powered by another remnant of the Pinto-era, the 2.3L OHC 4-cylinder. It was a great engine that did its job quite admirably, and in the lightweight Fox-body Mustang, it performed well enough, with either the 4-speed AOD automatic or the 5-speed manual. The coupe bodystyle, as pictured here, was the lightest of the three: Hatchback, Convertible and Coupe. Hot rodders perferred them, ordering the optional 5.0 V8 and 5-speed in a stripped-down LX coupe. Not only was the coupe lighter than the others, but even in hatchback style, the LX was lighter than the GT due to all those added boy-racer ground effects that made the GT look so macho. The 1993 Ford Mustang came at the end of a very long run, one of the longest in modern automotive history. The Fox-body Mustang was launched in 1979 and stayed with us for a whopping 15 model years.

1993 Ford Mustang INTERIOR

1993 Ford Mustang SPECIFICATIONS

Production, LX 5.0 Coupe

LX 5.0 Hatchback

LX 5.0 Convertible

GT 5.0 Hatchback

GT 5.0 Convertible

Cobra Hatchback

Special Service 5.0 Coupe





Track, front

Track, rear



302 ci / 5.0L V8, MPEFI


5-speed manual

4-speed auto








100.5 in

179.3 in

69.1 in

52.1 in


57.0 in

3,160 lbs

225 hp @ 4000 rpm

Borg-Warner T5

Ford AOD

300 lb/ft @ 3000 rpm