1989 Porsche 911 Turbo LE

When Porsche revealed that the original 911 would be replaced by the new Type 964 in 1990, it was announced that a special, limited-edition ‘LE’ batch of 50 Turbos would be built. At the end of production in 1989, Porsche decided to mark the occasion with this very special Limited Edition 930 – a car Porsche called the ultimate Turbo. At the time, the 911 Turbo was not expected to play a part in the new 964 generation, so it really felt like the LE edition was the apparent end for Porsche’s forced-induction 911.

A small number of the last assembly batch of standard 3.3-litre, five-speed G50 gearbox cars were taken off the line and sent to the ‘Exclusive’ team at Zuffenhausen to be finished by hand. The LE Turbos incorporated as standard features that previously had been available only as factory optional extras. These included rear wheel air intakes, side skirts and a front spoiler, creating a look reminiscent of the Type 935 Le Mans sports racers. A Getrag five-speed gearbox was already standard on the Turbo, to which the LE version added a limited slip differential.

The 930 LE was truly limited edition, with only 50 units made. The 911 Turbo Limited Edition comes equipped with the 330 bhp power unit normally only available in the 911 Turbo with Sport Equipment, an extra 30 bhp over the regular model, making it the most powerful variant built to date.

Photo Source: Silverstone Auctions