1988 BMW M3 Evolution II

Representing one of the finest touring machines, this M3 was the closest road-going model to the Group A race-car in 1988. To fit DTM homologation rules, 500 M3s had to retain all the aerodynamic devices of the race car. This forced BMW to produce 500 M3 Evolutions per year which corresponded to the Group A aerodynamics and drivetrain. This made the M3, a car that truly put function over form.

Evolutions had many differences compared to normal spec M3s. These changes made the car one step closer to Group A. The engine itself received a slight increase in power thanks to a new camshaft, pistons and intake system. To lighten the car, the flywheel, bootlid, windows and bumpers were reduced in weight. Such modifications made the car .4 seconds faster to 60 mph compared to the US M3.

Unfortunately, none of the Evolutions or any other special M3s were shipped to the US. The model which replaced the Evolution II was the Sport Evolution or Evolution III. This car featured a 2.5 liter engine which made for a drastic increase in power. It is also interesting to note that of the 17000 M3s produced around 2000, or 11 percent, were evolution models.

Photo Source: Collecting Cars