1986 Ford Mustang GT

1986 Ford Mustang GT

1986 Ford Mustang GT CONVERTIBLE

ABOVE & BELOW: 1986 was the first year for the third brake light (CHMSL or Center High-Mounted Stop Light), but where do you put it on a convertible? On the new-for-’86 luggage rack, of course.

ABOVE & BELOW: The 1986 Ford Mustang GT was basically carried over from the 1985 model, with very few changes. The 85-86 look was decidedly heavier & more muscular than the ’84-and-earlier Mustangs, which looked smaller and more delicate, even though they were the same body shell. This 2-year window would also be the last before the big changes that took place in 1987, with the new ‘Aero-look’ and true multi-port EFI.

ABOVE: The 1986 Ford Mustang GT was the last to feature standard seal beam headlights. Every Mustang after ’86 would use composite headlights. The flat black hood actually served a purpose: to cut sun glare into the driver’s eyes.
BELOW: These handsome wheels are known as “10-holes” and they only came in 15″.


Engine type
Engine family
Bore & Stroke
Compression ratio
Fuel system, manual trans
Fuel system, auto trans
Horsepower output
Torque output
Suspension, front
Suspension, rear
Brakes, front
Brakes, rear
Track, front
Track, rear
Fuel capacity
Curb weight
Tire size
Zero-to-60 mhp
Top speed
1986 Ford Mustang GT
Ford Fox-body, 3rd-generation Mustang
OHV 90-degree V8
Ford Windsor Small Block V8
4942cc (5.0L) / 301.6 ci (302)
4.0″ X 3.0″ / 101.6mm X 76.2mm
1X 4-barrel carburetor
Throttle-body EFI
200 hp @ 4000 rpm (w/manual trans)
285 lb-ft @ 3000 rpm (w/manual trans)
Modified struts w/coil springs
Live axle w/4 trailing arms & coil springs
10.0″ / 254mm vented discs, power assisted
9.0″ / 228mm drums
100.1″ / 2543mm
179.3″ / 4554mm
69.1″ / 1755mm
52.1″ / 1323mm
56.6″ / 1438mm
57.0″ / 1448mm
15.3 US gal / 58 liters
3,108 lbs / 1410 kg
225/60 VR15 Goodyear Gatorbacks
6.8 sec
15.4 sec @ 93 mph
139 mph (theoretical 2, w/o governor)