1979 Bianco S Series 2 Coupe

The Sao Paulo International Motor Show in 1976 saw the launch of the Bianco, a car produced by Ottorino (Toni) Bianco, who was also the designer of Brazil’s first Formula 3 car. The Bianco boasted a reinforced plastic body and fiberglass and utilized Volkswagen’s engine and mechanicals. Its most prominent variants are the Bianco S (also known as the Furia) and Bianco Tarpan.

The design of the Bianco was inspired by European styles and guidelines, resulting in a production rate of around 20 units per month. Bianco showcased newer models at international auto shows and received accolades for its achievements. Despite being a Brazilian concern of the 1970s era, the company experienced moderate success but eventually shut down in 1979 due to disputes among its principal members.

The Bianco S is the most recognizable model and flagship of the company. It sold over 180 units during its launch at the Salon International of the New York Auto Show in 1976, making it the top-performing model of the company. The car features a reinforced plastic and fiberglass body with flowing lines, a large windshield, front trunklid, spacious side doors, and taillights from the General Motors Opals of the time.

The Bianco S also has four low-placed headlights and additional safety structures such as bars and sheet metal reinforcements on the sides for added impact resistance. The car is handcrafted and equipped with a wood steering wheel, bucket seats, console, alloy wheels, and leather upholstery. Under the hood, the Bianco S has a Volkswagen 1,600-cc horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine that is air-cooled and fitted with dual carburetors, built on the popular VW platform.

Photo Source: Bring A Trailer