1976 Tyrrell P34

Tyrrell’s Project 34 six-wheel Formula One car was one of those refreshingly radical cars that used to come into Grand Prix racing in the 1970s. It was designed and built by Derek Gardner, the chief designer for Tyrrell Racing Organisation at that time. It was unique in that it had four small wheels at the front and two large ones at the rear, a configuration that had never been seen before in Formula One.

The racing car was introduced in 1975 and went on to race the following year. The high point for what was known as Project 34 came at the Swedish Grand Prix in 1976 where Jody Scheckter came in first followed by his teammate Patrick Depailler in second. To date, Scheckter is the only driver ever to have won a world title GP using a in six-wheel racing car.

Overall, the Tyrell P34 remains a fascinating and important part of Formula One history, as it demonstrated the innovative thinking and engineering that has been a hallmark of the sport for many years.

Photo Source: Canepa