1967 Dodge Charger

1967 Dodge Charger

The ’67 Charger was largely carried over from the ’66 model with minor trim and detail differences. The most notable, and the easiest way to quickly tell a ’66 apart from a ’67, are the ’67’s fender-mounted turn signals. A vinyl roof became optional. Inside, the full-length center console that was a trademark design cue of the ’66 Charger, was shortened to a normal length to soothe customer complaints of difficult ingress and egress to the back seat. While all Chargers came standard with 4 bucket seats, it was possible to order a front bench, column shift, no console and with a folding center armrest, to get an extra persons-worth of seating.

In the end, the 1st-generation Charger wasn’t much of a success in the marketplace. With only 15,788 total Charger sales for the 1967 model year, it was relegated to being benchmarked by the other odd-looking fastback misfit, the AMC Rambler Marlin. It seemed it just didn’t fit the mold of what the day’s buyers were looking for. Yet their competition didn’t seem to have any trouble hitting the mark as throngs of MustangsChevelle SSs and GTOs flew off the shelves in 1967. But help was coming. The 2nd-gen Charger was just around the corner, and it would change everything for Dodge.

1967 Dodge Charger ENGINES

There were some changes in engine options. The 325hp 383 Magnum replaced the 361, and the 440 Magnum V8 became available with 375hp. Both the 383 and 440 were big blocks. The base engine became the 2-barrel 318 LA-series “wedge” V8 making 230hp. At the top of the heap, at the top of every heap, was the mighty, legendary 426 Hemi, dubbed “The Elephant Motor”, with a grossly understated 425hp. Unfortunately, only 27 Chargers were ordered with the 426 Hemi. But quite understandable considering it was a very expensive option for the day, and was not meant for daily street use…it was a race car, for crying out loud!

383 MAGNUM V8 w/325hp

1967 Dodge Charger SPECIFICATIONS

Model Name & Number

Body Number & Style

Retail Price when new

Total Production


Overall Length

Overall Width

Track, front

Track, rear

Tire size

Shipping Weight

Standard engine, A-code

Optional engines: B-code








Base Transmission

Optional Trans

Automatic Trans

Charger; 3W2P

29; 2-door Hardtop

$3,128.00 USD

15,788 units

117.0 in

203.6 in

75.8 in

59.5 in

58.5 in

7.75″ X 14″

3,480 lbs

170ci OHV I-6 w/1X1bbl

225ci OHV I-6 w/1X1bbl

273ci OHV V8 w/1X2bbl

273ci OHV V8 w/1X4bbl

318ci OHV V8 w/1X2bbl

383ci OHV V8 w/1X4bbl

426ci HEMI V8 w/2X4bbl

440ci OHV V8 w/1X4bbl

440ci OHV V8 w/1X4bbl

3-speed manual

4-speed manual, floor-shift

TorqueFlite 3-speed auto

115 hp; 155 lb/ft

145 hp;  215 lb/ft

180 hp;  260 lb/ft

235 hp;  260 lb/ft

230 hp;  340 lb/ft

270/280 hp;  390/410 lb/ft

425 hp; 490 lb/ft

350 hp;  480 lb/ft

370 hp;  480 lb/ft