1967 Chevy Nova

1967 Chevy Nova

1967 was the last year for traditional boxy styling, as the entire GM lineup changed over to generally more rounded shapes in 1968. As such, few changes were made to the body. Minor revisions to the 1966 were a new crosshatched pattern on the decklid trim panel. Available only as a 2-door Hardtop, the Nova SS got an aluminum grille with anodized black accents, SS wheel covers (borrowed from the Impala SS), and “Chevy II SS” emblems replacing last year’s “Nova SS” badges.

Safety was just becoming a selling point in the automotive marketplace. Until then, carmakers preferred not to bring up subject like safety which could have negative connotations…like injury and death. But by 1967 the government was getting involved and mandating an increasing array of safety features, more with each passing year. For the 1967 model year, the Chevy II/Nova got a collapsable steering column, a safety steering wheel (deep dish), front shoulder belts, recessed dashboard control knobs, soft contact surfaces on the dash, armrests, and sun visors.

1967 Chevy Nova INTERIORS

The base engine for the Chevy II and Nova was the 194ci inline-6, with a 250ci inline-6 optional. V8 options started with the 196hp 283 small block, or for just $94 more, a 275hp 327. Now we’re talkin’! SS versions got floor shifters, whether automatic or manual, while lesser models came standard with column shift. Of the 10,100 Nova SSs built in ’67 about 8,200 were ordered with V8s.


NOTE: The 1967 Chevy Nova was the top-wrung in the ’67 Chevy II line-up. Chevy II’s came in 4 different body styles: 2-door sedan, 2-door hardtop, 4-door sedan, and 4-door station wagon. The Nova line-up nixed the 2-door sedan, offering up the other 3 body styles in upscale Nova trim. However, for the purposes of this study, we will focus only on the 2-door hardtop body style, which was the basis for all 1967 Chevy Nova Super Sports (SS). In other words, all ’67 Nova SS’s are 2-door hardtops.

Body style

Model # / Body #

Price when new

Production, SS-only


Overall length

Overall width

Track, front

Track, rear

Shipping weight

ENGINE OPTIONS                           

OK, OM, ZY-code

OR, ZX-code

PD, PE, PF-code

PL, PM, PQ-code

PN, PP, PU-code

ZA, ZB, ZE-code


ZG, ZI, ZJ-code

ZK, ZM-code

2-door hardtop

17 / 37

$ 2,467


110.0 in

163.0 in

69.9 in

56.8 in

56.3 in

2,690 lbs

194ci OHV I-6, 1X1bbl, 3sp manual; 120hp; 177 lb/ft

194ci OHV I-6, 1X1bbl, Powerglide; 120hp; 177 lb/ft

283ci OHV V8, 1X2bbl, 3sp manual, 195hp / 285 lb/ft

283ci OHV V8, 1X2bbl, 4sp manual, 195hp / 285 lb/ft

283ci OHV V8, 1X2bbl, Powerglide, 195hp / 285 lb/ft

327ci OHV V8, 1X4bbl, 3/4sp manual, 275hp / 355 lb/ft

327ci OHV V8, 1X4bbl, Powerglide, 275hp / 355 lb/ft

327ci OHV V8, 1X4bbl, 3/4sp manual, 325hp / 355 lb/ft

327ci OHV V8, 1X4bbl, Powerglide, 325hp / 355 lb/ft