1967 Chevy Chevelle

1967 Chevy Chevelle

1967 Chevy Chevelle SS HARDTOP


THE LOOKS CHANGE LITTLE. The ’67 carried over the body skin from 1966 with minor changes and revisions to the looks, primarily in the front and rear facias. However, some retooling was required to shape the rear quarter panels around the new wrap-around tail lights, a signature design cue on the ’67 Chevelle, compared to the flat tail lights of the 1966. Also at the rear end were standard backup lights (an option before) integrated into the bumper. The Super Sport or SS models got the top-of-the-line Malibu trim package along with some SS-specific eye-candy. There was a blacked-out grained panel, trimmed out in chrome that ran the entire width of the rear facia and integrated into the shapely new tail lights. The front grille was new, and blacked out, giving it an ominous look.

No one knows exactly how many sales the Chevelle lost to the Camaro when it was released in 1967, but there surely must have been many. However, the Chevelle was a different kind of car that appealed to a different kind of buyer. The Camaro was what we call today a “Pony Car”, and was intended to do battle with the Ford Mustang. The Chevelle was a “Muscle Car”, and a real car, practical, made to be driven and lived with every day. The Chevelle had a big airy interior, a real back seat, and a large trunk. So, despite the Camaro’s runaway success, the Chevelle continued to be a major player, in fact the major player in the Muscle Car Wars.

1967 Chevy Chevelle SS CONVERTIBLE


Front disk brakes became optional for the first time throughout the entire Chevelle and Malibu line, including the SS. All Chevelles now got a dual-circuit brake master cylinder that included a warning light system. While the 2-speed Powerglide automatic transmission continued to be offer, the more advanced 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic automatic transmission was offered for the first time in a Chevelle. A total of 7 transmissions were available including two 3-speed manuals, two 4-speeds, a 3-speed with overdrive, and two automatics. There was even a manual-shift option for the Turbo-Hydramatic.

1967 Chevy Chevelle MALIBU Convetible


Malibu was the name Chevy gave the top trim level for the Chevelle line. All Super Sports (SS) received the top-line Malibu trim as part of the SS package. This ’67 Malibu Convertible was caught at the recent Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show in Half Moon Bay CA on March 27, 2014. Gorgeous car.

1967 Chevy Chevelle INTERIORS


Commensurate with ever growing Federal safety standards, the 1967 models now came standard with collapsible steering columns, padded dash boards, and less-protruding knobs on the dash. Optional disk brakes and the dual-circuit master cylinder also aided safety. And let’s not forget those optional Strato-ease headrests.

1967 Chevy Chevelle ENGINES


The Chevelle SS396 came standard with a 325hp 396, with an option for two hotter versions of the 396 big block V8, one with 350hp and the other with 375hp. The 375hp engine was dropped early in the model year, but then picked up late, so late that only 612 were produced.


The total production numbers of both Chevelles as a whole, and Super Sports specifically were both down slightly, but then 1966 had been the best year for Chevelles so far. The entire Chevy Chevelle model line sold 471,052 units in 1966, dropping to 403,963 units for the 1967 model year, a 14% drop. By today’s standards that’s an impossibly large number. Toyota sold just 221,386 Corollas in the US in 2012, and it was the best selling car in America at the time. The sales of Chevelle Super Sports fell slightly also, from 72,272 units in 1966 to 63,006 for 1967, a drop of around 13%. Was it the Camaro? Who knows, but it was shortlived. Because by 1968, Chevelle production would start ramping up again, and would soon reach unheard-of new highs.

1967 Chevy Chevelle SPECIFICATIONS

Vehicle type

Standard Engine

Optional 6 cyl

220hp V8

275hp V8

325hp V8

360hp V8

375hp V8

Standard Transmission

Optional Tranmissions

Frame type

Suspension, front

Suspension, rear

Brakes, front

Brakes, rear


Overall Length

Overall Width

Track, front

Track, rear

Tire size

Front-engine, rear-drive passenger car

194ci OHV I-6, 120hp, 170 lb/ft

230ci OHV I-6, 140hp, 220 lb/ft

283ci OHV V8, 220hp, 195 lb/ft

327ci OHV V8, 275hp, 355 lb/ft

396ci OHV V8, 325hp, 410 lb/ft

396ci OHV V8, 360hp, 420 lb/ft

396ci OHV V8, 374hp, 415 lb/ft

3-speed manual, column-shift & floor-shift

3-speed w/overdrive (Muncie)

4-speed manual, floor-shift (Muncie, Saginaw)

2-speed Powerglide automatic

3-speed Turbo Hydra-matic 350

Full-perimeter w/torsion boxes, body-on-frame

Independent w/upper & lower control arms & coil springs

Live axle w/4 trailing links, coil springs

Drums (standard), Disks (optional), Power-Assist (optional)


115.0 in

197.0 in

74.6 in

58.0 in

58.0 in

Non-SS: 6.95″X14″; SS: 7.75″X14″