1967 Chevy Camaro

1967 Chevy Camaro

1967 CHEVY CAMARO – IN RESPONSE TO THE MUSTANG General Motors and the rest of the automotive world were caught flat-footed when Ford introduced their iconic Mustang in 1964 to rave reviews and record sales. GM rushed to bring a similar product to market, with this simple mandate: to be better than the Mustang in every way. It took GM 3 model years to catch up and in the interim, many wild ideas were bandied about. Ford built the Mustang off of the existing Falcon platform, and GM was looking at platforms of its own that could spawn their new “Pony Car”. At first it was thought that the compact, fully-unitized Chevy II would make a good start, but GM engineers couldn’t get the ride right. So, it was decided to bump the new car up a notch in size and base it instead on the F-body mid-sized Chevy Nova, which was a semi-unitized construction, using a unitized main hull with a bolt-on front frame extension. The results were the 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and the 1967 Pontiac Firebird.

1967 CHEVY CAMARO INTRODUCED This 1967 Chevy Camaro convertible came with the standard 327 V8 and Rally wheels. Note the round front running lights in the grille, these will change to rectangular in the 1968 model year, an easy way to identify these otherwise very similar cars from the front.

The other major cosmetic difference between the 1967 Chevy Camaro and the 1968 is that the ’67 (above) had side vent windows and the ’68 deleted them in favor of a larger, one-piece side door window.

The ’67 Camaro was available as a Coupe (top) and a Convertible (above).

1967 CHEVY CAMARO COUPE vs CONVERTIBLE Above is a nice comparison of the 1967 Chevy Camaro Coupe and Convertible, top-up and top-down. The black coupe on top is a Camaro SS (Super Sport) model which was the first Chevrolet to receive the new 350 cubic inch small block V8. Note the SS emblem on the front fender, just aft of the grille opening.

While this 1967 Camaro convertible is not actually an SS model, it has an SS-style hood (a popular upgrade among owners) with it’s twin chromed good grilles. They were non-functional, but looked very cool.

The 1967 Camaro came with 14 X 7″ Rally wheels, which consisted of a stamped steel rim (2-piece construction), a large center cap, and a chromed “glamour ring” or trim ring. They were simple, clean and just looked right.

1967 Chevy Camaro RALLY SPORT (RS)

1967 CHEVY CAMARO RALLY SPORT The Rally Sport option package (RS for short) was an appearance package only, not enhancing performance in any way. For the first-generation, it included RS-only hideaway headlights with a special front grille, a different rear facia with small backup lights below the back bumper, and solid red taillights (unlike non-RSs, which used half red/half white taillights, the white inner half being the backup lights). And of course, there were RS emblems, a special RS gas cap & special RS striping. This particular car does not have the RS emblem in the center of the front grille.

1967 Chevy Camaro INTERIORS

1967 CAMARO INTERIOR IS ROOMIER The new 1967 Camaro had a sporty interior that was much roomier than the Mustang‘s, having been built on a larger platform to begin with.

The Camaro look included a wood-rimmed steering wheel, twin-binnacle main gauges, and a center stack with 3 auxiliary gauges. The substantial center console accommodated the floor shifter, whether for a 3- or 4-speed manual or a 2- or 3-speed automatic.

1967 CHEVY CAMARO SS PACKAGE The SS (Super Sport) option package for the 1967 Camaro included Chevy‘s first use of the 350 V8. The SS was a ‘performance package’ with actual mechanical upgrade, whereas the RS (Rally Sport) option was an ‘appearance package’, with cosmetic changes only, which made it available across the entire Camaro model line. You could add the RS package on top of any other package. As the result, it was possible to order a factory-built Z-28/RS (a Z-28 with the RS appearance package), or an RS/SS (a Camaro SS with the RS package). The RS or Rally Sport package included hideaway headlights and a different front grille, front facia, front running lights, different tail lights and RS stripes, along with a variety of RS emblems here & there.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro VIN DECODER

In 1981, all vehicles sold in the US went to a 17-digit format. Prior to that, every manufacturer had their own system. GM used a 13-digit system for all GM cars & trucks from all Divisions.
1st & 2nd DIGIT – GM Divison (12 = Chevrolet)
3rd DIGIT – Engine (3 = 6cyl; 4 = V8))
4th DIGIT – Body style (3 = Coupe; 6 = Convert)
6th DIGIT – Year (7 = 1967)
7th DIGIT – Assembly Plant (N=Norwood; L=VanNuys)
Last 6 DIGITS – Serial Number of Car


















Sport Coupe, 6cyl

Convertible, 6cyl

Sport Coupe, V8

Convertible, V8

Performance Pkg

Rally Sport Pkg

327 V8, 275hp

SS396 V8, 325hp

SS350 V8, 295hp

SS396 V8, 375hp

4sp trans, wide range

4sp trans, close ratio

Powerglide 2sp auto

TurboHydro 3sp auto





















$   358.10

$   105.35

$     91.70

$   263.30

$   210.65

$   500.30

$   184.35

$   184.35

$   184.35

$   226.45