1965 Comet Cyclone

1965 Comet Cyclone muscle car
1965 Comet Cyclone. For 1965, this muscle car received updated styling front and rear (including stacked headlights). The base 6-cylinder engine was increased from 170 cid to 200 cid. Still using a single-barrel carburetor, it produced 120 hp (89 kW) at 4400 rpm.

    1. You are mistaken about the ’65 cyclone. Cyclones never had a 6 cylinder. They only came with v8s, only came as 2 Dr hard tops or convertibles, only had 3 SPD autos or 2 of 2 4spd manuals. They were Mercury’s answer to the super sport.

      1. Cyclones were never convertible in ’65. The Caliente was the only model to come with a ragtop. I owned a Caliente 2dr hardtop and a convertible and considered putting Cyclone trim on the convertible.

  1. I am looking for a 1965 mercury comet 2 door hard top.I want to trade my 1970 dodge charger rt for one . If anyone is interested send me a message or e mail me…thanks

  2. I want a 65 comet 2 door hardtop
    willing to trade my 1970 dodge charger rt for a nice one, still looking, any help is appreciated

  3. I Had 1965 Comet Cyclone Ordered It In Feb. 65 I Was Delivered To The Dealer Late April 65. I Ordered It With A 289 Four Speed On The Floor Rally Pack On The Dash Special Springs And Shocks Package And 373 Rear. Burgundy With Black Interior. That Was My Graduation Present To Me In May Of 1965 I Had It From April 65 Till Sept 17th 1966 The Summer of 66 I Received My Draft Notice And Uncle Sam Said To Be At Induction Station On 18 Sept 1966. So I Sold My Car To One Of My Best Friends End Of Story.

  4. I ordered a 1965 Comet Caliente when I got home from the Marine Corps, I had the only one in the 5 state area I had all Cyclone equipment High Performance 289, 4 speed, in the turquoise color with the same vinyl interior I loved that car I would like to have one back but can’t find one.

    1. Ford had the 289 hi po solid lifter that was in the mustang K model 271 hp.
      My friend had that motor 4 speed glass hood 2 scoop hood in a yellow hard top.

  5. My first brand new car. Ordered a red 4 on the floor 289 and I loved that car. Received it in April 1965 and entered the Navy in October to stay out of the army managed to hang on to the car . Was married and had two daughters and a great wife .Rolled it over and totaled it in 1969 on Michigan ice. Still very sad as the car had all my young life memories.

  6. David, I’m glad to see this because I owned a 1965 in white and it had a V/8 with a 4 speed. A great car.

  7. Larry where did you live in 1965 I live in East Greenbush NY
    I live now in Texas.CHARLES WHELAND———————–

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