18 thoughts on “1965 Chevrolet Impala SS | Muscle Car”

    1. That is Evening Orchid when ordered on a Chevrolet. The same color at Pontiac was called Iris Mist. Beautiful color for sure!!

  1. That is my first car, What a good car it was. I went to the Big Show Day at the local Chevrolet Garage back in the fall of 1964 to see the new cars and saw a little picture in a brochure with that car , color and all. That`s the car for me. What wonderful memories it brings back.

  2. My dad worked for Glenn Grant Chevrolet in 65’ and brought home a 65’ Impala , evening orchid convertible, white seats, black carpet, and black top ! Most gorgeous car I had ever seen !

  3. Looks allot like the ’66 Fairlane I used to have All you guys who miss your cars should be thankful for the memories and buy one financing is available through JJ Best or maybe your bank and 20k goes a long way in the classic market. If you miss the drive and can’t afford the options clone it ! Life is short drive what you love and love what you drive !

  4. yeah my 3rd car was a 66 impala SS
    396 ci tubro 400..factory tach
    White / red interior that was a good
    fast car..i called white lightning

  5. We had a light baby metallic blue 2 door hard top. Loved that car! My husband traded it in on a 68 VW bus! The engine rings had to be worked on just out of warranty at 24,150 miles!!!

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