1962 Fiat 1500S OSCA Cabriolet by Pininfarina

In late 1959, the Fiat 1500S Cabriolet was introduced as a variation of the Pinin Farina-designed 1200 Cabriolet. The 1500S Cabriolet boasted sportier performance, thanks to an OSCA twin-cam engine built in-house by Fiat. The coupe version of the 1500S Cabriolet was introduced in 1960. This model was available until mid-1962 when it was succeeded by a larger-displacement version.

This particular 1962 Fiat 1500S features cabriolet bodywork designed by Pininfarina. The car is painted in red and comes with a dark gray Fontana removable hardtop. It is powered by an OSCA 1,491cc DOHC inline-four engine that breathes through a single dual-throat Weber carburetor.

The car is equipped with a four-speed manual transmission, four-wheel disc brakes, independent front suspension, 15” Fergat steel wheels, an offset functional hood scoop, an ANSA dual exhaust outlet, two-tone red and black interior upholstery, and a Nardi wood-rimmed steering wheel.

Photo Source: Bring A Trailer