1962 Chevrolet Impala

1962 Chevrolet Impala

The ’62 Impala was the second model year of the Third Generation of Impalas, and so carried over the major mechanicals from the 1961, but was totally restyled. 1962 was the first year for the restyled greenhouse featuring a much broader C-pillar (all all models except the 4-door hardtop). It gave the car a much more substantial look, and continued through the end of the 3rd-gen, 1964.

1962 Chevrolet Impala INTERIOR

The interior was completely redone for 1962, with new door panels, new seats and fabrics, new colors and more. The Impala line was becoming more upscale, with lots of glitz and glamor.

The top-dog engine up to that point, the 348 W-series big block was discontinued, replaced by the 409, which shared the W-series architecture with the 348, and shares appearance. 348s and 409s are easy to spot because the valve covers are oddly-shaped, with three bumps on their outer sides forming sort of an “M”. The new 409 was available in two versions, one with 360hp and the other with 409hp. This engine was so hot that it inspired the Beach Boys to write a hit song in 1962 called “409” referring to this iconic engine. The 283 was still available in 2-barrel tune, and the new 327 small block V8 came in two states of tune, 250hp and 300hp. The base engine was the 230ci “Stovebolt Six”.

1962 Chevrolet Impala SPECIFICATIONS

V8 Body styles w/Style #s

Overall length
Wheel track, front
Wheel track, rear
Tire size, station wagons
Tire size, all other models
Shipping weight, models vary

4-dr sedan, 6 pass / 69
4-dr hardtop sport sedan, 6 pass / 39
2-dr hardtop sport coupe, 5 pass / 47
2-dr convertible, 5 pass / 67
4-dr station wagon, 9 pass / 45
4-dr station wagon, 6 pass / 35
119 in
209.6 in
60.3 in
59.3 in
8.00″ X 14″
7.50″ X 14″
3,450 – 3,930 lbs