14 thoughts on “1962 Chevrolet Impala | Old Car”

  1. Had 62 just like this only SS with 2 speed power glide, and chrome reverse wheels. My first car. Bought it in 69 for $300.00. My step dad gave it to his brother after I wrecked it. Shame on me.

  2. This was my 2nd car’62 Impala only mine was 409ci409hp 4spB/W. Bought in ‘65, sold in’68 when I got married. My first car was ‘58 Impala 348ci auto.

    1. So was mine. Took me to and from LA area to college in Idaho for 2 yrs then 2 yrs commuting from South Bay (Los Angeles) to Long Beach State. Loved it.

  3. I remember my mom having one. I was young living in California. A police officer pulled her over on the interstate and I remember her saying I was not speeding he said no mam you’re only doing 17 miles an hour on the interstate I am so looking for one of these with an automatic

  4. I had a 62 belair bubble top bought new in Colorado Springs, 327 , 250 HP Borg warner T-10, won little stock in 1964 high altitude nationals – CDR drag strip.

  5. i own the same car, ermine white, small block, red an black insides, all new interior ,cragers, ole school lift, one piece bumpers, california car, when new…… i,m looking at it right now, all warm in her spot…….

  6. The white witg red interior was a ‘best seller’ in this car. The 300hp/327 was first used as the basic engine in the corvette. It was solid performance and a reliable. sturdy engine. I had one with 115K miles and NO problems.

  7. I had a 62 for my first car in 71. Paid $25.00 for it and drove it home. Had a straight 6 with a hole in the #4 piston. Cost $115.00 for parts to get it to pass inspection. My dad helped me do the heavy work. Drove it for a year and sold it for $250.00 to my grandpa and bought a 67 with a 283. Loved those days.

  8. My first car in 1975 was one just exactly like this one. Except had Chevy rally wheels with a 283 engine and it wasnt a SS. Had dual antennas and a turbo 350 tranny and dual exhaust. Bought it for $500. And found out this summer someone else loved it as much as I did and it has been completely redone and is a show car now. I am trying to find it.

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