10 thoughts on “1961 Convertible | Muscle Car”

  1. L.H. McDaniel,lll

    Absolutely great old Bonneville. I don’t care what they say, these were the times of cars & they’re all gone

  2. L.H. McDaniel,lll

    Have to say, like the rest of this country, we have no style anymore. In those days, this country was extremely a special place in so many ways. Look at this car.

  3. 49 to about 69 is when cars had style and class. Our goal then was to out shine and out race the competition. But at my age it doesn’t matter. I’m 80 but I still love my Corvette. We had fun, not a lot of money like today.

  4. I learned to drive in my mothers’ ’61 Bonnie Convertible. It was a great car 389 4 barrel. I even got to take it on dates, those were the days!

  5. The cars of the good old days are different because of one simple reason, they were designed by men and women, not by a computer, it really is simple and they really are beautiful

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