2 thoughts on “1961 Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato”

  1. Real men, drove real cars.. I drove a ’57 Buick once, that got my blood up, as this car does… Then I see the plastic and glass ‘creations’ of today and I still ‘marvel,’ but dream of the old days, when the car felt alive under my feet, without benefit of “traction control,” “four wheel drive-by computer” and sound deadening….Is it just me or am I just getting too damned old? I made love for the first time in an Old Chevy, with a split-windshield and “twice pipes” that burbled as I drove my “Love” home…. I can say, I had a hard time, deciding who I loved more….. The ‘girl’ who still haunts my dreams or the ‘grille’ that…….

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