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1960 Willy’s Jeep Wagon. A little history on the jeep. The term Jeep is actually a slur of the original name. The vehicles were originally referred to as General Purpose. Troups would short this to G.P, which was much easier and quicker to slur to Jeep. Which is now the official name.

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  1. GP did not stand for general purpose. It only identified that the vehicle was 4 wheel drive. The name Jeep came from a character in the Popeye cartoon called the Jeep that could go anywhere.

  2. My father had one, he bought it almost new. Think he paid like $1600! He gave it to me for graduation in 75, iit needed a lot of body work but I did it, it looked exactly like the one in the picture! I swear in low range that overhead cam, straight 6 tornado moter, that jeep would climb trees! If it wasn’t for my brother going head on with a toyota, I’d still have it. (Brother bruised his knee, the people, all wearing seat belts were in the hospital for over a month!) That Jeep was built like a tank! I miss it!

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