Often hailed as the more refined counterpart to the Cobra, the AC Ace Bristol epitomizes the essence of a classic British sports car. With its graceful aluminum body, weighing under 2,000 pounds, it offers a nimble and exhilarating driving experience.

Styled reminiscently of the Ferrari 166 Barchetta, the AC Ace Bristol boasts a striking and timeless design. Its specifications were cutting-edge for the late 1950s, featuring a triple-carbureted BMW-derived inline-six engine producing 120 horsepower, an advanced independent suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers, and Girling front disc brakes. Only 465 units of the AC Ace Bristol were ever manufactured.

Combining a responsive chassis with a favorable power-to-weight ratio, the Bristol-engined Ace could achieve speeds up to 120mph. Its racing pedigree included notable achievements such as a class victory and seventh place overall at Le Mans in 1959.

Remarkably versatile, the Ace required minimal modification when adapted to accommodate the powerful Ford V8 engine, a transformation that birthed the iconic Cobra.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s