The Gordon GT (also known as Gordon-Keeble Coupe) is a two-door grand tourer which was first designed and built in 1959 by John Gordon and Jim Keeble. The initial concept was made on Peerless chassis which was mated with the Chevrolet Corvette 4.6-liter V8. As the concept seemed impressive, the V8 motor was next mounted on specially designed square-tube steel chassis with independent front suspension and disc brakes. The assembled platform was then sent to Bertone in Turin to receive a beautiful steel body. The complete vehicle made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 1960. After the show, it was sent to Detroit and presented to Chevrolet management who agreed to supply Corvette engines and gearboxes for the production vehicle. The production began in 1964 with new fiberglass bodies made by Williams & Pritchard Ltd. Due to numerous problems with the suppliers, Gordon-Keeble went into liquidation ending the production in 1967 at around 100 units built.
1959 Gordon GT