9 thoughts on “1958 Plymouth Fury”

  1. william arthur

    Looks to be a Belvedere and NOT a Fury, the FURY had a FURY LOGO insert (badge) in the rear tail fin.

  2. my father had one of those brand new kept in for many years sold it in the early 80s they never came red they were only available in a fawn gold color he loved that car i rode in it many times he drove it across country many times

    1. The color was named Buckskin Beige and, you’re right, it was the only color offered for a Fury. If you recall the movie when the new Furys were on the assembly line, Cristine was the only one in red. For those who knew Furys, that hinted that something was strange about that particular car.

  3. Bought one in California right before I shipped out overseas in ’65. 318 with twin four bbl carbs and torqueflite push button trans. Drove it back to Louisiana in March of ’66. Rod started knocking so traded it off for a ’63 Chevy Impala 283.

  4. James Stauffenberg

    It was my first car. Same color. My grandma bought it new and I got,it after her. The exact same color. Dual,exhaust and all.

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