1958 Mercedes-Benz 220 S Cabriolet

The Mercedes-Benz 220, also known as the W180 chassis, was introduced in 1954 as part of the “Ponton” series. This group of sedans, coupes, and convertibles were named for their unique design that featured pontoon-like sides, eliminating the separate fenders seen in older car designs. These were the first Mercedes-Benz models built using unit-body construction and played a significant role in reestablishing the German automaker after World War II.

Among the “Ponton” series, the 220A sedan was the more luxurious and larger offering. It had a longer body than the four-cylinder models, allowing for a 2.2-liter inline six-cylinder engine and a more spacious interior with additional legroom for rear passengers.

In 1956, the 220S sedan took the place of the 220A with minor differences, such as an upgraded engine with twin carburation for more power, a one-piece front bumper replacing the previous three-piece unit, and added chrome trim along the sides. The 220S coupe was introduced later in 1956, followed by a two-door, four-seat convertible.

Over the car’s four-year lifespan, production numbers for the 220S sedans exceeded 9,100, whereas only 786 of the coupe and cabriolet were made that year, with the total production for both models not surpassing 3,500.

Source: RM Sotheby’s