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1957 Plymouth Belvedere Sees First Daylight in 50 Years. The ‘Buried Car’ is now the ‘Unburied Car’. On June 15, 2007, a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere buried in Tulsa, Oklahoma during the 1957 Tulsarama was freed from its concrete vault under the Tulsa Courthouse lawn.
Where is the Miss Belvedere now? The old car is at Ultra One in Hackettstown, New Jersey going through a very time consuming de-rusting procedure.

  1. For me? That was a time, when I ‘came-up.’ When people watched the movie, “Christine,” I was already old enough to remember riding a Red/White.. Yes, Uncle Tommy had the 2-4bbl Hemi (real one) the 727Torgue Flite, with the push button shift. The interior was cool.. Black and silver..I think; I was 12… All the way to the “Garden” (Boston) he bitched about all his speeding tickets. (Apparently, an Italian by birth, he loved to go.. I miss Uncle Tommy. When I view that car, the grime, neglect and potential. You know what I’d do? No, I leave it just where it sits. If they want to bury that car, save it for when I’m gone. (PS: Been ‘MOPAR’ since my “Papa” brought home a ‘dorky’ beige, and thoroughly UN cool. He went to change the oil… (1950 Sta/wag. 2-door)) Dodge. well it started as a Plymouth, but Papa said, “the front says Dodge.” Was good with that, until checking the oil and seeing the words ‘Red Ram,’ on the valve covers…all the other cars had small ones, but these ‘ones’ were wide… I became a MOPAR fan, that day.

  2. I was there in Tulsa Oklahoma, on that very exact day that they pulled it from the Time Capsule. There were hundreds of people if not thousands. The street that the court house was packed elbow to elbow. Not much breathing room.
    They had it on display at Tulsarama that week. Somewhere I have a DVD that has pictures that I took. I will be happy to share them!!!!

  3. The 1957 was my father’s first ever new vehicle purchase. It was either the Plymouth of the 1957 Chevrolet.
    In one year, the torsion bars broke. the piston rings broke. In three years the car rusted along the bottom.
    It tool a lot of persistence to keep it running.
    Oh well …

  4. I drove from Ohio to watch them lift “Miss Belvedere” out of the cement vault. It was unfortunate that the vault had been partially filled with water for many years. And yes there were many people present. Many had memories of being there 50 years before as a child with their mom or dad It was an emotional time for many.

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