3 thoughts on “1957 Bel Air | Old Car”

  1. This cars is paint is an an australian GM color called tiger mica gold. The stock wheels have been removed and replaced with 17in mags.

  2. Mick George from Australia .

    1957 Chevy’s were assembled in Australia from CKD Packs from Canada and were Right hand drive but we only got the 4 door pillared model with the Blue Flame 6 cyl engine .Don’t no why GM did this as we had had the Ford V8 From when they were made .All Fords assembled in Australia were V8’s.The Ford Falcon never got a V8 till the 1966 model and GM did not supply a V8 till the 1960 model .Ford Australia stops making cars in Australia on the 7th October 2016 and GM does the same in 1 year as does Toyota .Which means that Australia stops making cars after 116 years for good .

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