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  1. I had a member of the Dixie Auto Club in Cuthbert Georgia who had a 56 Plymouth Fury just like in the picture every time we would go to car shows he would bring home a 1st place trophy every time. Since his passing his wife sold the car back to the original owner.

    1. As I recall that’s correct and the poster is wrong about red and black, at least for 1956. It’s a very creamy white not refrigerator White. I do remember it well and they were quite rare.
      4,485 made

  2. When I registered mine in 1967 it was the only one registered in New Haven County. Plymouth made a total of 4,400 Furys in 1956; technically it was a 1956 1/2. All came standard with 303C.I. engine, 4 barrel carb and dual exhaust, and dual point distributor, power brakes and power steering (NOT standard on cars in those days). To change the oil filter you had to drop the right hand exhaust pipe. It had a 2 speed, push button automatic transmission. It was by no stretch a muscle car; it was extremely comfortable to drive or ride in. Dual points made it very reliable in cold/wet weather. Radio had a search button which made fine tuning by driver unnecessary; remember these were the days of manual tuning, tube radios, not digital.

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