1956 Packard Predictor

1956 Packard Predictor concept car
1956 Packard Predictor. Advanced features of this concept car included a windshield that wrapped up as well as around, quad headlights hidden behind clamshell doors, fenders level with the hood and rear deck, and a square, chiseled shape.

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  1. Nice one! When I was younger I paid attention to lots of good stuff and a Packard is what I did see..anyway long story short i told people what I seen was a black Packard 1950’s..they insisted I didn’t know what I was talking about. They said no such car existed and now this surfaces..I knew what I was talking about for sure…just sharing

  2. Steven E Kagle

    Even though the senior Packards ended in ’56, the Predictor was one of the most influential designs of the period copied by Pontiac, Lincoln, etc. Other cars not always recognized for their influence include the original Corvair (especially by European companies).

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