16 thoughts on “1956 Ford Crown Victoria”

  1. george summers

    Good looking old car they made a ton of them in 1955 but not that many in 56 if I remember right, Pink and White was the color in 55 that was most popular, there was 2 black ones around where I lived that were 56s

  2. Mine was black, without the chrome across the roof. Kept it in perfect condition until selling in 1971. My only complaint was the 292 engine, with valves you had to adjust every 5000 miles. That was a pain.

  3. My absolute favorite car! Pink and black were popular colors bach then! Elivis fans! I loved the 55 and 56 Sunliner too. There was a lavender 56 with a continental on the back in my town, I was crazy about that car!

  4. I had a 1955 Ford Sunliner convertible, black and white with red and white interior, miss it, neat car, Marimont truck mufflers, baby spots, Merc cruiser skirts.

  5. I had one in 66 and bought it for $10.00 and drove it for two years and beat a 57 ford for ownership and sold it for 25 dollars. It was Blue and White with Blue Interior, 312 engine with 225 horsepower with a high top carter carb. Loved it and wished I would have kept it.

  6. My first car was a 55 Crown Victoria that was pink and black opposite colors the one shown. I loved driving that car but wasn’t crazy about the pink color. Wish I still had it but it had mechanical issues and traded it off after about a year. Always said that I would like to get another one someday.

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