9 thoughts on “1953 Studebaker Commander”

  1. The best of Raymond Loewy, I love these cars. Surprisingly anemic V8, but that’s minor compared to the looks of the car. Not 50 years ahead of its time because, fifty years later, everything was silver-colored econoboxes. Just something you would see in the dictionary next to the definition of “automobile.”

  2. I owned a 1954 Commander all through high school and some College before I bought my first Avanti. The Commander was the first Grand Torismo coupe built in America. I will always fondly remember my Studebakers even with the joke “the big mistake Studebaker made was to take the tongue off”.

  3. Old lady went thru a flood 30 years ago in nyc same type car helped her get it started never saw anything like it

  4. I had a 53 later a 55 speedster
    Later 63 Avanti got hit
    Hot anther 63 Avsnri with Paxton superchatgtilt wheel power windows and added air conditioner

  5. frank Di Giacomo

    Studebaker was ahead of its time. They had great cars. I road in a silver hawk, at 100 miles per hour it felt like it was going only 50 mph. Too bad they had to go out of business!

  6. To really appreciate the beauty of this car you need to put photos of its competition that year ( 1953 ) alongside , like the 53 Chevy 53 Ford and 53 Plymouth, and the Stude came with an overhead valve V8 Ford had a less powerful flathead and Chevy fans would have to wait another 2 years for a V8.

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