1949 Packard Custom Eight | Old Car

1949 Packard Custom Eight old car

– Factory original pairing of custom external sun visor and traffic light finding prism
– Factory original working fog lights and spotlight
– Dual side mount mirrors
– Curb feeler and trim rings
РCorrect cloisonn̩ hubcap centers with reproduction replacements included
– Factory original 6-tube AM pushbutton radio
– Original pear wood door trim
– Original factory wood graining throughout
– Original 9 main bearing, 356 CI Straight Eight engine
– Original 3-speed column shift transmission with overdrive
– New springs to factory specs at each wheel and rebuilt generator
– Originally purchased in San Francisco by the commanding officer of the Presidio

1 thought on “1949 Packard Custom Eight | Old Car”

  1. george summers

    A guy that lived on my block had a 1950 just like this one, we double dater to the Sadie Hawkins dance in it , my date and I never made it to the dance, that car had more backseat room the my first apartment,,lol,, lets just say it was a Night of “firsts” for bot of us.

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