1947 Packard Custom Super Clipper Eight Touring Sedan

Packard, renowned for its precision-built engines during World War II, returned to civilian automobile production in 1945. The 1946 Packards resembled the 1941 models with minor trim changes due to the war’s interruption of new car designs. These cars, known as the “21st Series,” displayed a commanding and elegant aesthetic, featuring integrated fenders and appealing Art Deco elements.

The top-tier model in the 21st Series was the Custom Super Clipper Eight, powered by a robust 165-horsepower, 356-cubic-inch straight-eight engine. With nine main bearings ensuring smooth operation and a three-speed manual transmission with overdrive, the Custom Super Clipper Eight excelled at high-speed cruising. The luxurious interior boasted opulent details such as wool upholstery, “Mosstread” carpeting, and exquisite woodgrain accents.

Only 5,690 standard-wheelbase Custom Super Clippers, including Touring and Club Sedan variations, were manufactured for the 1947 model year. These exceptional vehicles constituted a small portion of Packard’s total annual production, making them rare and highly sought after today.

Source: RM Sotheby’s