1941 Graham Hollywood

1941 Graham Hollywood old car
1941 Graham Hollywood. Due to their very limited production, Graham vehicles are quite rare compared to old cars made during the same period. The Graham Hollywood model was produced in 1940 only and sold during 1940 and 1941. During these two years, less than 2600 models were built and sold. Of these, less than half were equipped with the factory installed supercharger.

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  1. The 1940 Graham Hollywood was almost a direct copy of the 1936-1937 front wheel drive Cord 810 and 812 that stopped production at the end of 1937 but the Graham was rear wheel drive and a much lower priced car. The 1940 – 1941 Hupmobile Skylark was almost identical to the Graham’s and built by the same people and both where gone and out of business by 1942.

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