1940 Ford DeLuxe Convertible

Ford introduced several new features for the 1940 model year, plus a distinctive body design that many consider to be the pinnacle of the company’s styling of the pre-war era. Technically, one of the most significant changes was relocating the gearshift lever from the floor to the steering column, a modern feature that was not only more convenient for the driver, but also increased front-seat legroom for passengers.

Ford further introduced sealed-beam headlights in 1940, finally eliminating the persistent problem of moisture degrading the reflectivity of headlights, which had relied on separate bulbs. The sealed beams sat at the front of the fenders in oval chrome housings that also incorporated the parking lights, merging earlier Fords’ covered-headlight treatment with the improved efficiency and durability of the sealed-beam bulbs.

Source: RM Sotheby’s