1937 Himsl Zeppelin

1937 Himsl Zeppelin old car
1937 Himsl Zeppelin. This stylish old car was built in 1937. Dubbed the Zeppelin by its current owner, famed customizer Art Himsl, the Zeppelin started out its life as a prototype house car built by a mechanic at a Chris Craft boat dealership in San Francisco.

11 thoughts on “1937 Himsl Zeppelin”

  1. Where does the Zeppelin live today? Twin cities? Is it for sale? Is it on exhibit now or later in the Spring?
    John, at 622-377-0155.

  2. Would make a great ” Led Zeppelin ” mobile . Put their logo on the side and contact Robert Plant or Jimmy Page !

  3. I’m assuming since you said prototype, that it’s ” one of a kind”. This needs to be in an auto museum for people to see. An amazing vehicle!

  4. Dennis Shepherd

    Very interesting classy car, ever heard of the antique car hill climb in Newport, Indiana! It’s a hill climb in Newport that auto makers used to test their cars for performance back in the the early years, now’s it’s a festival in the fall 1st weekend in Oct, there’s a website for Newport hill climb, people from around the country come to here see the old cars and run the hill climb, my dad restored a 1932 Pontiac sport coupe, very nice car, need to see to appreciate the beauty of the car!

  5. My Dad purchased a ’62 VW Microbus when we lived in England. It looks like a close cousin to the Microbus, but I bet this ran a LOT faster than the VW. This vehicle is a beaut!

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