1935 Mercedes-Benz 500 K Normal Roadster by Sindelfingen

Although the Special Roadster is highly regarded among aficionados of the supercharged Mercedes-Benz, it wasn’t the only roadster produced by the Stuttgart-based company during its time. The fact that a “Special” model existed implies that there must have been a “normal” version as well, and that is exactly what the other model was called: the Normal Roadster. Its rather dull name does not do justice to the sleek elegance of its design.

While the Special Roadster was curvy, the Normal Roadster was more streamlined, featuring a slightly higher beltline that flowed up and around a rounded rear deck, tucking around the rear fenders, and, of course, a fabric top that folded flush with the body. In no other body style of this generation of Mercedes-Benz is the resemblance to the earlier, legendary SSK more evident, and few others have such visual impact.

Moreover, the Normal Roadster was and remains incredibly rare, even more so than the Special Roadster. It was only produced on the 500 K chassis, and only a few were ever made. Of those, just five have survived, many of them kept in private collections and rarely traded. Thus, the chance to acquire one is a truly special opportunity.

Photo Source: RM Sotheby’s