1933 Duesenberg La Grande Phaeton

1933 Duesenberg La Grande Phaeton convertible
1933 Duesenberg La Grande Phaeton. This convertible old car is believed to have been constructed near the close of 1933. Since new. Only a small number of Duesenberg La Grande Phaetons were ever built.

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  1. What a gorgeous old car ! I’ve visited the ACD museum in Auburn , Ind. , and I’m always freshly amazed at the craftsmanship and flawless beauty of those cars .

  2. Christopher Friend

    I would like to invite you to visit the Fayette County Historical Museum in Connersville, Indiana. Known as “Little Detroit “, Connersville built more Auburn’s at the Auburn Automobile Company plant, than in Auburn. All Cord 810 & 812’s were built in Connersville, along with Empire, Lexington, McFarlan, 1940 Packard-Darrin, 500,000 Jeep bodies for WWII, on a contract with Willy’s-Overland and Ford Motor Company. Central Manufacturing Company, built bodies for 140 different automobile manufacturers in Indiana.

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