1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Henley Roadster by Brewster

The Henley Roadster holds a distinguished position among American Rolls-Royce aficionados, much like the disappearing-top convertible coupe on the Duesenberg or the speedster on the Auburn. It represents the pinnacle of the coachbuilder’s art, showcasing an iconic design that features strikingly dynamic lines.

From the extended hood flowing back to a sloping cowl line, to the dramatically flared open fenders and the gracefully descending beltline behind a low vee’d windshield, every aspect of the Henley Roadster was meticulously crafted.

The artist’s pencil meticulously considered each stroke, resulting in a shape that is both exquisitely proportioned and thoughtfully comfortable. Notably, the “dickey seat” had its own discreet door, adding to the overall refinement.

Reflecting its status as a masterpiece on any Full Classic chassis, the Henley Roadster was produced in extremely limited numbers—only 11 examples, two of which were fitted onto used Phantom I chassis, while the remaining nine adorned Phantom IIs. Correspondingly, each roadster found its way into the hands of a particularly notable and intriguing individual. Similar to a Model J Duesenberg, a Henley Roadster was never meant for anyone dull, then or now.

Source: RM Sotheby’s