1928 Packard Six Runabout

Despite being marketed as a more economical option compared to the grander and pricier Packard models, the Packard Six was still a top-notch vehicle. The company recognized the excellence of its six-cylinder engines and the cars built around them, as demonstrated by the prestigious and costly “Senior” Twin Six models that preceded the Twelves.

The Fifth Series Packard Six was unveiled in July 1927 for the 1928 lineup, offering 11 different models on two separate wheelbases. The new two-seater Runabout roadster was produced on the shorter 126-inch wheelbase and featured a sleek and sporty appearance. Its rumble seat allowed for extra seating for two, while side curtains kept passengers protected during unpleasant weather. The 81-horsepower L-head straight-six engine received several upgrades, including an oil filter, choke-operated cylinder lubrication, and an additional engine mount, bringing the total to four. Following the 1928 model year, Packard ceased production of its six-cylinder models until 1937.

Source: RM Sotheby’s