1946 Ford Pickup Truck | Old Ford Truck

1946 Ford Pickup Truck. A gallon of gas and a little tweaking later, this 46′ started right up after barn sitting for over 25 years. It was given a well deserved second life.

1948 Ford F1 PickUp Truck

1948 Ford F1 PickUp Truck. Beautiful canary yellow Vintage Truck with the classic Ford logo on the tailgate.

1961 Ford Econoline Pickup Truck

1955 Ford G39T

1955 Ford G39T. Awesome vintage truck found Germany.

1952 Ford F1 Pickup Truck

Hot pink F1 1952 Pickup Truck. This old car is gearing up for the drag races.

1934 Old Ford Pickup Truck

Beautifully restored classic old ford truck. This 1934 old Ford Truck underwent amazing antique car restoration to bring the original look back to life.