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Fan submission from Will Linder. Will is an excellent artist who has a passion for creating professional renderings of Hot Rods, Classic cars, Luxury Cars, Exotics and Motorcycles. This is a color upgrade from his original pencil rendering ~ featured below. Thanks Will, you are...

1936 Auburn BoatTail Speedster

1936 Auburn BoatTail Speedster. The Auburn Speedster was used as the launching platform for a line of high-priced luxury cars.

1939 Lincoln Zephyr

Lincoln-Zephyr was a marque for the lower priced line of luxury cars in the Lincoln line 1936-40. Lincoln-Zephyr and Mercury, introduced 1939, bridged the wide gap between Ford’s V-8 De Luxe line and the exclusive Lincoln K-series cars.

1951 Hudson Hornet