One Amazing Lead Sled

This is one amazing looking lead sled. Diggin’ the flat black paint.  this has been dropped and skirted and looks like it “lives” in Japan.  Stunning creation of an awesome old car.

1950 Mercury Foose/Coddington

Great video of a 1950 Mercury Foose/Coddington “Tail Draggin Charlie”.

1952 Oldsmobile 88 Lead Sled – Video

Voodoo Larry takes us for a ride in his 1952 Oldsmobile 88 Lead Sled in this awesome video. The car has flaming exhausts!

Voodoo Idol Lead Sled by Voodoo Larry – Video

Amazing video of Voodoo Larry and his Voodoo Idol Lead Sled.

Lead Sled – Video

Check out this awesome video slide show of some gorgeous lead sleds and tail draggers.

Ford Mustang Hot Rod

Ford mustang hot rod with flames. Awesome looking muscle car.