40 Chevy Woodie | Custom Car

40 Chevy Woodie. This is an anonymous fan submission. This is what the submitter said about the car “I built this from a 4 door sedan”. Great work, whoever you are and thanks for the submission.

Cadillac | Old Car

Check out his gorgeous old car. Cadillac at it’s best. Love the canary yellow with the white wall tires. Beautiful!

1933 Ford Roadster | Old Car

1933 Ford Roadster Custom 406 V8 TH350 3 Speed. Who wouldn’t be proud to drive this old car anywhere?!!!!

1958 Ford Fairlane 500 | Old Car

1958 Ford Fairlane 500. Nice blue color with stunning chrome.

1969 Yenko 427 Chevelle | Old Car

We go back over 40 years to investigate the Yenko Chevelle. Therefore, its 427 cubic inch engine has a solid lifter camshaft giving the V8 a choppy idle that throbs out its dual exhaust. With its 11:1 compression ratio and using fuel as an afterthought,...

1960 Impala | Old Car

1960 Impala 509 Big Block. This gorgeous old car is a fan submission from Don Manning, thanks Don. Submitted by: Don Manning