1953 Buick Custom

Beautiful classic car. This 1953 Buick Custom shared by a fan of Amazing Classic Cars!

1961 Dodge Phoenix | Convertible

1961 Dodge Phoenix, Less than 3900 ever made in the convertible. What a sweet looking old car.

Cadillac Spirit | Classic Car

Gorgeous Cadillac emblem.

1956 Dodge | Classic Car

1956 Dodge Royal Convertible, have seen a hardtop in the same colors, this car was sold and taken to western Canada. Fan submission from Albert Blight. Thanks Albert. Submitted by: Albert Blight

1938 Buick | Classic Car

1938 Buick. Dark cherry red classic car.

1940 Chevy | Old Car

Customized orange 1940 Chevy. Sweet looking old car.